Wednesday, 23 December 2015

♥ Last Minute Christmas Decorations ♥

Hello everyone! So for today I'm just going to give you a few ideas as to how you can decorate your room for christmas as its never to later to get into the christmas mood!

So lets start with number one:

Mini christmas trees!

These are sooo cute and they can go anywhere on the shelf or on your table or window sill and gives your room and extra bit of christmas

Number 2:
Christmas cushions
These are so easy to put in your room but make your room that extra bit more cozy and christmassy!

Number 3:

Light up snowy tree!

I think this is a really cute tree and makes my room look so cute a christmassy but can also be used through out winter which I think is great!

Number 4:

Add tinsel!

Tinsel can make anything in your room look really nice and I think this piece of pink and white tinsel goes well with my room as well as adding the element of christmas as well as the fact it can go anywhere you like and its super easy to add to your room.

And finally is of course just your classic christmas tree which is the best part about all of the decorations! I think it looks really nice to have a cute colour scheme or even just mix and match what ever you want!

Anyway thats all for this post hope your all just as excited for christmas!
Thanks for reading
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♥ Things to do to prepare for christmas ♥


Hey guys so for todays post im going to give you a few quick and easy ideas of what you can do to prepare for christmas! I cant belive its just 2 days away!

So lets begin.

So first is of course to have a nice pamper evening such as having a nice candle lit bath, using face masks and bath bombs and getting extra cozy for christmas.

Next is have a cute cupcake with a big cup of tea! Of course you just have to get your favourite treats and sit down to watch some christmas films.

And finally do your nails! For this christmas me and my friends went to get are nails done aswell as getting henna done which I think looks super cute and special for christmas!

Anyway thats all for this post hope you enjoyed reading
Pink pastel heart x

Thursday, 17 December 2015

♥ 5 Things to do this Christmas ♥

Helloo everyone so for this post I want to give you a few ideas of what you could do during the christmas holidays as I know school is just finishing and although christmas is often super busy I also do end up with abit of free time so heres a few ideas of what you could do!

1) Go christmas shopping

This one may seem a little obvious but I think that when you go out with your friends to do some christmas shopping it can put you fully into the christmas spirit! I love all of the christmas songs playing, the cute christmas stalls along town and of course getting a big hot chocolate or ginger bread latte from starbucks after wards to warm myself up!

2) Go ice skating

I love ice skating so much! I know some people find it quite hard (like me) but I think you should defiantely try it especially if you live somewhere it doesnt snow as this would be a cute alternative! And also you can get cute photos while attempting not to face plant the ice!

3) Sit inside and watch a film

During the cold winter days there is literally nothing better than putting on your most cozy pjs and fluffy socks with a warm blanket chocolate bar and cup of tea to watch you favourite christmas films all day and be the definaition of lazy.

4) Pamper day

I think just before christmas its nice to have a pamper day do your  hair all nice put a face mask on use all of your nice bath bombs and soaps and of course paint your festive nails.

5) Wrap all your presents

I know it may be a bit obvious but everyone need to wrap up all the christmas gifts for people, and when your bored I think it is really nice to make an effort with the wrapping and make it looks all cute and pretty with candy canes and ribbons (even though I cant even wrap anything!)

Anyway thankyou for reading and if theres anything you would like to see during blogmas you can leave suggestions below!
Pink Pastel Heart x

♥ Top 10 Christmas Films ♥

Hey guys so for today I'm just going to do a short post and tell you my top ten christmas films because I think that theres nothing that gets you in the christmas mood more than christmas films (with a huge hot chocolate of course)

1) Elf- this is definately my favourite and I'm sure everyones seen it already but if you haven't then you need to it is the best!! And of course if you already have watched it you can never get enough elf!

2) A christmas carol (the disney versio)

3) The grinch

4) The miracle on 34th street

5) Home alone

6) Arthur Christmas

7) Home alone 2 (obviously you need the second one!)

8) Santa claus

9) Jingle all the way

10) Love actually

I would defiantely recommend watching as many of these as you can in the lead up to christmas as once its gone you have to wait a WHOLE year and who doesnt love a good christmas film?

Any way thanks for reading
Pink Pastel Heart x

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

♥ Hello Winter Good bye Autumn ♥

Hey guys so todays post is an official hello to winter and gtoodbye to autumn! I know this may be abit late considering winter technically started at the start of the month but I feel as if autumn went so quickly! So I'm going to show you a few pictures I took during the autumns season and give you a few ideas of whats amazing about both autumn and winter as it is christmas in 10 DAYS!!!

So heres 10 things I love about autumn:

1) The start of cold weather and darker evenings

2) The colour of the orange leaves

3) Jumping into piles of leaves

4) Finally being able to have hot drinks like pumpkin spice lattes

5) Being able to make your room cozy and warm

6) redecorating everything autumn themed

7) Going back to school after summer to see everyone (even though after the first day I'm dying)

8) More amazing and warm foods!

9) New coats and boots!

10) Being allowed to wear jumpers

So next is 10 things I love about winter:


2) Excuse for extra hot chocolates

3) Snow (hopefully this year!)

4) New winter jumpers (and christmas jumpers)

5) Christmas starbucks drinks caramel, toffee, ginger bread lattes.

6) Fairy lights and cute winter decorations

7) Colder weather therefore more layers scarves, gloves, coats and jumpers.

8) Fluffy socks!!! (best invention ever)

9) Winter pj's


Anyway thats all for this post but I will be back tomorrow with another blogmas post.
Thanks for reading
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Monday, 14 December 2015

♥ Treacle moon Be You ♥

Hey guys so for todays post I would like to talk to you about the be you campaign by treacle moon. It is basically a campaign to promote self confidence which I think is a great idea! I saw a few other bloggers do this and it seemed like a lovely idea so I thought I would get involved and tell you abit about the products.
Also I made a video showing you how the products work and how you can use them which I will add below!

So I picked out the iced strawberry dream and the honey comb secret. Both of these smell amazing! The strawberry dream is very sweet and refeshing, and the honey comb secret is smells super christmassy and relaxing! They both leave your skin super soft as well and smelling amazing!

You can use them for shower gel or bubble bath and I decided to use it for bubble bath to show you how they work. They are amazing for creating bubbles and I would definately recommend them for a cute present or for yourself during the winter season!

Anyway hope you enjoyed this little review and have got a little inspiration for some christmas gifts.
Thanks for reading
Pink pastel heart x

♥ The Christmas Tag ♥

Hey guys so for this post I'm going to be doing the CHRISTMAS TAG!!!!

So lets start with the questions:

1)Whats your favourite holiday movie?

Definately Elf its been one of my favourites since I was little and I still find it hilareous!

2) Whats your favourite christmas colour?

It has to be either red or green but I can't decide.

3) Do you stay in pjs or dress up for christmas?

Well I love to stay in christmas pjs all morning but I also love getting dressed up and doing nice hair and makeup! So if I had to pick one it would be to dress up.

4) If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?

I cant decide that!

5) Do you open your presents on christmas eve or christmas morning?

Christmas morning of course. Although I do like to open my new pjs for christmas eve.

6) Have you ever built a ginger bread house?

No not yet but I did make alot of ginger bread men last year which where so nice but I would love to make a house this year there so cute.

7) What do you like to do on your christmas break?

Everything christmassy of course. Go ice skating, go christmas shopping, drink hot chocolates!

8)Any christmas wishes?

I would love it to snow this christmas it would be so amazing!

9) Favourite christmas smell?

I think it would have to be either christmas trees ginger bread or cinnamon!

10) Favourite christmas meal or treat?

I definately love christmas dinner and my favourite christmas treat has to be yule log because who doesnt love chocolate cake!!!

Thats all for this post
Leave your comments below to suggest what you would like to see during blogmas.
Thanks for reading
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