Sunday, 27 March 2016

♥ What Came First- Lush Easter Bath Bomb Review ♥

Hey guys!
So its EASTER!!!
I really hope everyone's having an amazing day whether your eating chocolate going out or just chilling I hope you got enough chocolate to last you till at least next year :)
Before I start this post I would love you to watch the Demo I did of this bath bomb which I will put below:

Anyway I had a little trip to lush recently (YES AGAIN) and saw all of the Easter collection and just couldn't resist buying a few. I ended up buying the think pink egg the golden egg and the what came first Bath bomb and they are all amazing but this is the only one I have used so far and it was so amazing I just had to do a post on it and let you know how cool it is so lets begin...

So firstly my favourite thing about this bath bomb is it actually 3 bath bombs in one!This is because you can split the egg in half and inside is a cute little chicken bath bomb (like it has hatched) Then you have both halves of the egg and the cute little chick bath bomb and I absolutely love this idea!

Next is the fact that the chicken has a sweet for a nose. Now I'm not sure if your supposed to eat it or its just supposed to make the water taste nice (not that people drink bath water!) but either way its really cute.

This bath bomb has an amazing bright pink colour and leaves your bath a beautiful fusia pink colour with golden glitter!

 And then if you add your chick to it, it will turn a lovely spring orange colour.

The scent is also amazing as it smells like caramel, I'm guessing so that it smells like a real chocolate egg but its really sweet and lovely. I would definitely recommend getting this one as its definitely one of my new favourites!

Hope you enjoyed that little Easter review and please leave any suggestions of what you would like to see on my blog in the comments below!
Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!
Pastel Skies x

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

♥ Infinity dream award ♥

Hey guys so today I'm going to be doing the Infinity dream award which is a cute little tag that looks really cool so thank you too Emma Ritchie for nominating me
and here is...
The Infinity Dream Award

Make sure to check out the blog that nominated me as its such an amazing blog and I love all their posts :)

Firstly Here's the Rules for the award:

  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you
  2. Tell 11 facts about you
  3. Answer 11 Questions from the person who nominated you
  4. Use the infinity Dreams award picture 
  5. Tag 11 other Bloggers to do the award.
Facts About me:

  1. My favourite seasons are winter because I love dark evening and snow! And spring because I love when all the flowers start to grow and it looks so pretty and sunny in my garden!
  2. I am 15 years old
  3. My only pet is my rabbit called cookie (Don't judge the name I was nine!)
  4. I have never moved house in my life but I absolutely love where I live as there's so much to do!
  5. My height is 5ft 8 (I'm guessing)
  6. My favourite holiday ever has to be between turkey with my family or both the ski trips I have been on with school they were all amazing!
  7. My favourite subject at school is science probably biology but I also enjoy English!
  8. My favourite things to do are to go out with my friends and go on adventures or the total opposite which is sit inside with a cup of tea (depending on my mood!)
  9. My favourite drink at the moment is strawberry flavoured Volvic water!(water... I know I'm boring)
  10. My feet are size 8 (so huge!)
  11. I'm obsessed with sugar like actually obsessed (preferably chocolate)


My favourite thing to do... I'm not sure there's a lot of things I like to do but here's a few, I love to blog (obviously),I love to make videos and take photos, watch youtube, read books, go to concerts, go to the theatre or pantomime and lots more.

What is your future plan in life?

I have absolutely no idea! I think I want to go to university but I'm not sure about what I want to do or anything else!

What is your all time favourite food ?

My all time favourite food has to be ice cream!

If you had to choose between a dog or a cat which would you pick and why?

I love both and kittens are soooo cute but probably a dog because you can take them on walks and do lots with them like help them learn tricks , plus their just so cute!

Why did you start blogging ?

Well I started blogging after I started my Instagram account @xpastelskiesx I used to post edits and pictures and things but I decided I would love to find a way to write about things and share things with people more and as I already followed several blogs I thought why not start one!!

Out of all the subjects there is, what is your favourite and why ?

My favourite subject is probably biology as I think its so interesting and also even though I don't do it I think music would be quite interesting.

What star sign are you ?

Taurus (the bull)

Where do you want to visit when you're older ?

I would love to visit Australia and go to the great barrier reef to go snorkelling as it looks so beautiful and I would also like to visit LA, New York (at Christmas time) and the Carribean.

Do you enjoy school ?

Yes I actually quite enjoy my school but of course sometimes all I want to do is sleep in my bed cacoon for the rest of the year!

Who is your role model ?
This is a hard one but a few people I look up to are Zendaya, Emma watson, Selena Gomez, Zoella, and Demi lavota. (I'm sure there's more but I can't think of any at the moment)

If you could be anyone for a day who would it be ?

I would love to be Taylor swift or Kendall or Kylie Jenner because their lives just seem so cool and it would be amazing to see what they do during a day!

My questions

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Movies or books?
3. Would you rather live all year in summer or all year in Christmas?
4. If you could time travel one place in the future or past where would you go?
5. What are your dreams for the future?
6. What's your favourite Tv programme or movie?
7. What's your favourite social media?
8. What is your favourite thing to do In your spare time?
9. If you could visit any country in the world where would you go and why?
10. What's your favourite animal?
11. What's your biggest goal?

Blogs I would like to Tag:

Marina Salma
Travelling world blog
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paige Emily patricia
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Thanks everyone for reading and please make sure to leave any suggestions of what you would like to see on my blog in the comments
Thanks for reading
Pastel Skies x

Saturday, 12 March 2016

♥ Italy-2016 ♥

Hey guys
So today I'm going to be doing a post on my recent trip to Italy. I went during the February half term and went skiing for a whole week and it was an amazing experience. The views and place we were staying were incredible as our hotel was at the very top of the mountain right next to the ski slopes. We did amazing activities such as ice skating, pizza nights and got to experience the Italian culture which was really beautiful. So today I'm just going to show you a few photos from my trip and also if you would like to watch my Italy video on youtube I will also put that below and my youtube channel is pastel skies.
Hope you enjoy this post and if you ever have a chance to go to Italy or skiing I would definitely recommend it as it is a beautiful place and skiing is an amazing experience.

Hope you enjoyed and please leave a comment of anything you would like to see on my blog!
Thanks for reading
Pastel skies x

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

♥ Star Dust Bath Set Lush ♥

Hey guys, so today I'm going to be doing yes you guessed it another lush review! But of course I know you guys love them because who isn't obsessed with bath bombs?
Anyway lets begin..
Today I'll be reviewing (drum roll please) The star dust lush set!

Also I made a video where I tested all of the products to show you what they do so if you would like to watch that before reading this post you can just click the video below or you can visit my youtube channel pastel skies to watch it:


The products in this set is:
The snow fairy shower gel
The shooting star bath bomb
The rock star soap
The star dust bath bomb
The comforter bubble bar
The candy mountain bubble bar

So firstly is the snow fairy shower gel
Of course this is the most well known lush scent but it is AMAZING! Its sweet, like candy floss and also contains purple glitter leaving your skin feeling and smelling great. Its an such a good product to use for both shower gel and bubble bath and its just really cute and I definitely recommend it.

Next is the shooting star bath bomb. This is probably my favourite of the set as it is the most exciting! This bath bomb is definitely the most colourful one and I think is really nice for a relaxing evening bath as it makes gives a shooting star effect in your bath!

Next is the rock star soap. This has the same scent as snow fairy which is of course amazing! The soap is not only an amzing scent but leaves your skin moisturized and is a great soap during the winter months.

Next is the star dust bath bomb! This bath bomb is soo cool. Although it looks plain at first when you put it in the bath it fills the bath with a silver glitter aswell as multi coloured stars and white foam which leaves your bath looking amazing!

And next is the comforter bubble bar. This is one that you crumble under the bath in order to release a world of bubbles! This one is definitely one of my favourite bubble bars of all time, as it just works so well. It smells like black current and leaves your bath a lovely purple colour along with ALOT of bubbles and everyone loves bubbles obviously!

And finally its the candy mountain bubble bar. This again has the snow fairy scent but its so good you can never get bored of it! This one creates a mountain of bubbles, as the title suggests, and leaves your bath with a sweet candy scent, which would be really nice for a morning bath!

Anyway that's all for this post
I hope you enjoyed and I will be back very soon with another post
Please leave your comments below
And thanks for reading!
Pastel skies x